Fonctional Food

Microalgae are the starting point in the food chain for omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, it has a great economic potential for these oils compared to unsustainable sources like fish oil.

World’s omega-3 fatty acids market was 16 billions USD in 2012 and increasing gradually. It is estimated that market will be dominated by microalgae sourced omega-3 in less than 10 years. Mikroalg targets to be one of the key players of this market.


Conventional agriculture is not sustainable and studies show that we will need to increase our productivity up to 70% by 2050 in order to be able support demand, however, current plant nutrition techniques are far from that as productivities are decreasing.

Biological fertilizers are solution to this problem by regulating soil and keeping its fertility with natural microorganisms action. Our unique product will be one of the key products in growing Biological Fertilizer market in the near future.

Animal Feed

Microalgae are not only a sustainable protein source but also they produce valuable polysaccharides that stimulate immune system and decrease the need for antibiotics. Therefore, animal feed is a promising market for our company.

Energy & CO2 Sequestration

Crude oil accumulates by plant fossil under the pressure over millions of years. Little miracles, microalgae, are able to do this process in just days. Therefore, it is possible to produce high quality crude oil from microalgae that can be refined in existing petroleum refineries to obtain gasoline, diesel and jet fuel in a sustainable way. Our company has been working on this process by R&D projects, and plans to start pilot scale production in 2015.

Carbon credit market is growing in the world due to global warming issues. Microalgae can capture CO2 in a biological process and turn it into valuable compounds. Mikroalg offers novel solutions to make this process feasible and affordable.