“TerraDoc is a single celled living algae formulation. It includes specially selected algae which are able to live in very harsh conditions and produces plant growth promoting and stress reducing organic substances while living in these harsh conditions. These algae are produced using a special know-how our company (national patent-pending 2016/00380) so that it in the highest level of quality to be used as biostimulant. TerraDoc is unique because it is made of living algae and the fact that it is very effective with low cost of application, so that it has a high benefit/cost ratio compared to other fertilizers in the market.

The basis of all natural soil fertility is a result of the life cycle of soil microorganisms. Their activity provides stable carbon plant nutrients full of ionic minerals, carbohydrates, and other complex plant foods that nature stores in topsoil as acid gels.

Our microalgae based biological fertilizer product, unlike other products in the market, is also applied by foliar spray over foliage. It increases photosynthesis rate by activating plant and providing optimum amount of nutrients directly to leaf and fruit.