TerraDoc Application

TerraDoc is applied to all green plants vegetables, fruits, field crops and flowers by diluting with water by means of both foliar and soil irrigation. TerraDoc is a %100 natural concentrated liquid biostimulant.

Foliar Spray

1 Liter of product is diluted with 400 Liters of water, and sprayed over plants and soil. It is recommended to be applied at least 3 times for season; before flowering, after flowering and fruit stage.

For field crops, it is recommended to spray over the soil during the preparation phase. Later after vegetative growth accelarates and after beans starts to form 2 more application is recommended.


Irrigation: 1 Liter of product for 1000 m2 of land by irrgation. Depending on soil condition it can be applied 3-5 times per season.

In greenhouses, especially after disinfection process to kill harmful microorganisms as this process also kills the beneficial organisms, it is vital to apply TerraDoc at least one time after this process.

TerraDoc should be stored between +5-+350C in a dry place, without direct sunlight, shelf life is 2 (two) years.


TerraDoc can be mixed and applied together with all other fertilizers that do not include Cu (Copper) as its active element. After mixing, mixture must be applied immediately. Shake well before use. As it is a natural product without chemicals, there is no side effects to plants and environment.